About Ken Mask

About Ken Mask


1) Writer of novels, scientific papers, children's books with special emphasis on fun learning and bilingual projects.
2) Novelist, primarily detective-fiction and thriller avenues; screenplays and stage productions.
3) Physician with interest in both private network health care delivery and consulting.

       My teams look for projects, endeavors, situations that are fresh, exciting, energetic and forward looking.I want to encourage the best in others--to find what's instinctive for them! Whether it's a part of an educational strategy, developing partnerships or public relations/marketing I enjoy discussing and planning. Electronic engagements are 'all the rage' and whether in medicine or electronic publishing-our motto is 'cyber on.' Let me get excited for you! However, my affinity for the 'paper in hand' (printed books and newspapers) remains solid.

This Is Who I Am:

    Scientist, an American Board of Radiology Certified and Fellowship trained Radiologist...and creative endeavors are my passion, pursuits-writing and game app development.

This is Who I Help:

      I help anyone interested in LEARNING/MEDICINE/SCIENCE as a career, from college onward...GED, GRE, GMAT, DAT,ACT, SAT, LSAT, MCAT prep, course planning, lecturing, interview skills, and general launch of science endeavors. I also love to challenge creative aspects of each person's character-writing, business app development, video production, script writing, non-profit organizational project planning, Silicon Valley tech startups, music education & motivational workshops.

        Hopefully by informing and educating.

"Access to the tools of any trade come from knowing which boxes to explore..."

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